Amazing 2021 Ghostbusters Projection Show

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Now here’s something DEFINITELY strange in the neighborhood! But man, it it AMAZING! This custom made Ghostbusters projection show is out of this world and an absolute joy to watch. Here’s what Seasoned Projections, the creators of this incredible show had to say about it:

Who ya gonna call?! 2021 Halloween Projection Mapping of the Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston save the day yet again. Set to the original Ghostbusters theme with some bad boys music thrown in…they finally get Slimer! Appearances by Vigo, Dana, Demon Dogs, and much more. Celebrate the Ghostbusters prior to the Afterlife movie this fall!

Featuring visuals from Atmosfx, Spectral Illusions, Mr. Chicken, Frome Ghostbusters, Red Giant, and Ratpoisonmilkshake.

All I can say is I definitely appreciate all the hard work that went into this masterpiece. Check out their social media to find out more.

source: Seasoned Projections