Easy And Healthy Homemade Halloween Food Ideas – Halloween Alternatives

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Source: Living On A Dime

Easy And Healthy Homemade Halloween Food Ideas – Halloween Alternatives

If you’re worried about the kids going into a sugar coma from all of the sweet things they’ll be getting this Halloween, here are some healthier alternatives to candy! In this video, we share some ideas for foods that are quick and easy to make!

In this video, we share how to make the following healthy homemade Halloween party food: :47 Clementine pumpkins – peeled clementines with a little piece of celery for the stem.

1:09 spider eggs and hard boiled ghosts

2:19 scrambled brains

2:51 harvest trail mix/fall trail mix

3:47 slimy popcorn – a cross between caramel popcorn and marshmallow popcorn balls

4:34 ghost bananas

5:00 chili worms

5:29 hot dog octopus

6:51 candy corn fruit cups

7:15 mummy bread

7:39 mini pumpkins (oranges)

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